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Welcome to OSGear, your trusted anabolic store! We are proud to offer top quality steroids for sale in the USA. Our selection of steroids is carefully curated to ensure that you get the best quality products available. We understand that when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness, you need the best products to get the results you want. That's why we only offer the highest quality steroids on the market.

Our selection of steroids includes injectable steroids, oral steroids, and topical steroids. We have a wide variety of products to choose from, so you can find the perfect steroid for your needs. Whether you're looking to build muscle, burn fat, or increase your strength, we have the perfect steroid for you.

We also offer a variety of other products to help you reach your goals. We have protein powders, pre-workout supplements, and post-workout supplements to help you get the most out of your workouts. We also offer a variety of other products to help you reach your goals, such as fat burners, testosterone boosters, and more.

At OSGear, we are committed to providing you with the best quality products and the best customer service. We are here to help you reach your goals and get the results you want. So, if you're looking for top quality steroids for sale in the USA, look no further than OSGear. We are your trusted anabolic store! 


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Admin - 14 July 2023 17:47

Heloy pipels test

Kopfsache - 12 August 2023 15:10

My one and only most loved source. The extraordinary measure of items, extraordinary costs, quick help and shipping. Much obliged to you!!
Customer Service: Fast and affable help. I have requested by means of BTC furthermore, this organization is totally extraordinary! I had a couple of inquiries regarding the items and they offered me a quick response. Excellent client support!

They have the best covertness bundling strategy I have ever observed. Completely shrewd and nobody would open this bundle.

Products: MastoteX Biosira Drostanolone PAnavar TabletsBio Peptide MT2Titan Parabolan,

Mastotex Biosira Drosta: Utilizing 400mg/w. Feels great! Xanavar: I never had more Force and quality in my Exercise while I was taking these tabs. 100mg/dBio Peptide MT2: Everybody is asking me, on the off chance that I went to the excursion. My body is earthy coloured. Great! Titan Para: 4,5ml/w. Crazy!! I am getting destroyed as fuck! This is the best Tren I ever had! I am requesting more from this stuff. I love it!

Thank you AS you are the best roid vender!

Mr_Heavy_Muscle - 12 August 2023 15:53

The best Eu provider I at any point utilized. Since the most recent year and a half just utilised their apparatus and is first class.

Customer Services: Communication is insignificant however in every case straight forward and direct.

Shipping: There is nothing more I can say about their bundling. It's the main and the best I have at any point seen. Shipping time is typically 5-6 days for me subsequent to the following number, On one event took longer due to customs. Each report with respect to arrangement is consequently gotten on my email.

Experience: I am a tremendous fanatic of ZPHC labs and the vast majority of rigging I use presently is ZPHC however once in a while another brand when a specific compound I need, is out of stock .ZPHC Sustanon ZPHC arimidex ZPHC proviron ZPHC winstrol suspension ZPHC test prop Spectrum injectable anadrol Scitech Nolvadex Anfarm clomid Ovigil hcg,

Everything utilized by these folks worked and demonstrated its worth. ZPHC is my preferred image, their items are first-class. ZPHC has pip in some cases yet warming before infusion helps extraordinarily. All vials of ZPHC are in every case clear and expert-looking names. Last year winter was a pattern of injectable Anadrol, Sustanon, NPP and Arimidex. Went fruitful then In spring I utilized test prop, Winstrol suspension and npp. It worked like appeal, my build improved losing some fat and water. At present, I'm off from gear subsequent to finishing PCT. PCT filled in as it should.

Altogether this is the best source I have utilized and will continue doing as such. For 18 months my rigging originates from this source and they have never allowed me to down.

evoleriopromowhore - 12 August 2023 15:54

Only Purchase as.net or nothing.

Client Support:
Easier and quick communication, client support over the top,
The package is discreet and great.

Pharmacom Stan 50Pharmacom Testo P 100Tren E Magnus HGH Piece,
Quality excellent. Genuine products never have an issue with them.
For your best condition pick the success, purchase as.net get away from the phony dealers and items!!!

Minemer - 12 August 2023 15:54

Great prices, incredible communication and safe delivery. Steroid astute; they are excellent and with an incredible assortment,
CSR: Fast they take the most extreme 24 hours to react.

Delivery: The package was perfect no mischief for my great I ordered everything went smoothly. Got my request following 5 days of shipping. And my merchandise shipped 5 days after getting my cash.

Product: Pharmacom Trenbolone enanthate Pharmacom blend 5Pharma nandrolone 300Balkan pharma testosterone cypionate,

Am taking 2 cc of deca 3 cc of test cypionate2 cc tren 2 cc pharma blend 5My power is up I can push more loads in the gym. And I can prepare for a longer time.

Slippinjimmy - 12 August 2023 15:55

I ordered 300, 10mg tablets of Anavar Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US. Transaction was super smooth, great customer service and communication.

I was running my first Anavar cycle during ongoing HGH cycle. I ran var for 7 weeks at 50mg a day dose and managed to put on 4kgs of lean muscle mass in the first 4 weeks, and later my weight hit plateu. Tried increasing to 60mgs a day, but was getting horrible heartburn, so had to back down.
I really injoyed increase in muscle strength and went up on bench press from 80kg to 100kg very fast. Also loved better pumps on var and muchly decreased muscle soreness after workouts and faster recovery.
I recommend OSGEAR.INFO and Ultima Pharmaceuticals - US.

manelson0509 - 12 August 2023 15:56

osgear has a broad product offering featuring genuine and high quality products from trusted suppliers.

Guidance and counsel I have received through there support on Telegram has been very helpful( J you are a great asset to the company, I always enjoy your help and knowledge). Support from the team has been great, Chen you are a lifesaver and a great asset to osgear.

Having multiple warehouses to fulfill from is a great advantage to me as a customer as I always get what I am after. The incentives, coupons and coins are an amazing value for the customer.

I have found Zelle works, but there is a delay as the funds have to be verified and this can take some time. I suggest bitcoin as it’s smoother but what is even better is the wallet. My order processed and shipped in 48 hours which is on par with major companies such as Amazon.

osgear is my preferred vendor for new, quality product, buy with the utmost in confidence.

jaxon - 12 August 2023 15:56

osgear is an amazing provider. My first time using them, about two years ago.. I was unsure what to buy. I emailed them and changed my order, after paying, TWO TIMES. AND THEY WERE ABLE to delay shipping to make that happen for a new member like me.
They’re always very responsive via e-mail
But even better the products are better than anywhere else’s.
I was in the Marine Corps and everyone had gear, I find this gear much more on point.
I’ve received My orders very fast, and I am very satisfied Everytime. I will buy nowhere else.

Soc22023 - 12 August 2023 15:57

I've ordered previously from several sources, yet this one is the best for me!

Communication: I experienced the best client services.
Shipping: They took around 2 weeks to deliver my package which was smartly packed.

The gear is legit, and it's all working as per my expectations
I am very satisfied with the outcomes so far.
Overall outstanding experience. Thank you!

mafin007 - 12 August 2023 15:58

Thank You

I have found that the communication was quick with all the relevant information.

Packaging is discreet, I have always felt stress-free with orders shipped from D,

Items Ordered
Pharma M1 and Dianabol 10mgx100

Quality and Experience
Started feeling vascularity and pumps. There is an increase in my muscle size. These outcomes are visible only after a week after consumption. There was no PIP.

I have become their all-time customer, as everything is spot on.

darius - 12 August 2023 15:59

Item Ordered
Suston 250 from Pharmacom

Item's Quality
The product was amazing as it increase my strength, enhanced my sexual drive and made me feel stronger. The positive effects were visible in 2.5 weeks. The items were no water-based.

Bundling was tactful and received the package in time as told by xxx

Client Services were great. Received quick, clear and direct replies.

Highly Recommended!

Anomalyuy - 12 August 2023 16:02

Item Ordered: I love Pharmacom Orals therefore I connected with Darius to order some Anavar.

Communication: It is always good and prompt via pm, steroid wiki site or email. They never make me wait longer.

Shipping: It took around 11 working days. Received a wired package and got it changed from Darius.

Quality: Used it for my full cycle, got me pumped. My aggression increased just because it levelled off. I felt tightened and got desired outcomes. I didn't lose a single pound but felt enhanced lean muscle.

Highly Recommended!

apeboy00023 - 12 August 2023 16:02

This is my review for Winstrol 10mg.

Customer service
The customer service was responsive and quick with replies when needed, although there was little assistance required.

The delivery took around a week, and the package was carefully sealed and packed. There was nothing to worry about or anything that would arouse suspicion.

Product purchased
I purchased Winstrol 10mg x 2.

I used Winstrol for a duration of 4 weeks leading up to my competition date, at a daily dosage of 50mg. Since the tablets were dosed at 10mg, I split the dosage throughout the day. My goal was to remain lean and dry during my competition preparation, and Winstrol proved to be effective in achieving a dry physique when combined with a proper diet and water manipulation. The product was of great quality and matched the lab results found on Anabolic Labs.

Over the past 4 years, I have used various products from Pharmacom, ranging from plain testosterone to more exotic products like Pharma Mix 5 and their range of orals, including their injectable orals. I have never been disappointed with the quality of their products. Pharmacom is a very professional lab that consistently delivers high-quality gear. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in using performance-enhancing substances.

Drywallstarqwe - 12 August 2023 16:03

Pharmacon Dbol is my favourite brand when it comes to tabs. Not only is it highly potent, but most importantly, it's legitimate and trustworthy.


I have always received support even after making a purchase. The communication, whether through email or PM, has been fun and straightforward.


The package arrived in just 7 business days, which is impressive considering I live in a high-risk EU country. If you need more specific information about the shipping process, feel free to contact me via PM. The package was well-protected and secure.

Product ordered

I ordered 500 tabs of Pharmacom Dbol. I used a dosage of 30mg per day for a span of 5 weeks, in conjunction with 600mg of Test-E per week for a total of 14 weeks. The quality of the Dbol is outstanding, and within just one week, I could already feel a significant increase in strength and pump during my workouts. Although my aggression levels were heightened during these 5 weeks, it actually helped me perform better in the gym. I only experienced minimal acne after the cycle.


Thanks to this cycle, I managed to gain 14 lbs of solid muscle without excessive water retention. These tabs have earned a permanent spot on my list of favourites. I want to express my gratitude to D for providing such a reliable product.


Pharmacon Dbol has been my favourite tab supplier for years, and I have always been satisfied with their products. Thank you, D, for consistently delivering top-notch quality.

swirvin108789u - 12 August 2023 16:04

I have ordered 4 times from osgear and every time everything was on point.first couple times I would get nervous about my order and send a ticket in and they would get right back to me lmk it all good and the package will arrive .and so they have every time .I don't worry about it anymore. I have ordered from other places .none of them are as professional and timely as osgear. I am a customer for life.thank you osgear

evilolololololo - 12 August 2023 16:04

I waited 45 days for my order to show up and then wrote a review after which one of their representatives reach out to me and personally got my order delivered promptly. To compensate for their delay in shipping they also provided me a discount code for the next order.

Client-Support was getting better throughout the whole process.

The packaging was discreet and impressive.

I just wanted to update and thank this provider for taking care of me after a difficult delivery issue during the holidays. I will update this after my cycle.

Dr.BroScience - 12 August 2023 16:05

My experience with OSGEAR was exceptional.

Customer service:
Their website was easy to navigate and they were very professional in answering all my questions.

I placed my order in late winter and received it in just under two weeks in a securely packaged and unremarkable box.

Product ordered:
I ordered several packs of their products including Dragon Anavar (10mg), Dragon Aromasin (25mg), Bayer Proviron (25mg), and Merck Proscar (5mg), which I used in conjunction with some test p to run an alternate cycle effect. I ran the Var at 40mg for 8 weeks along with Proviron 50mg daily. Aromasin was taken at 12.5 every other day and I also cut the Proscar in 4's and took 1/4 every day. I combined this with a no-carb diet and moderate high rep training.

Product results:
The Dragon Pharma products were fantastic, providing me with great energy, pumps, and finishing touches, without any negative side effects. I would especially recommend OSGEAR for their top-quality products.


AncientAlien - 12 August 2023 16:05

I Tried PEC Prop and Here's What I Think

Communication: Quick and Responsive

I've had a few items shipped to the United States and used PEC prop. I must say, communication with this supplier is on point.
Whenever I had any questions, they were quick to respond and very helpful.
Delivery: Quick Shipping

The last package I received arrived within 11 days of being dispatched. So, shipping is definitely quick with this supplier.
Products Ordered:
Pharma PCT, Humatrope, PEC Prop
I've used a few products from this supplier, including pharma PCT, Humatrope, and PEC prop. In particular, I ran the prop at the end of a cycle as a shape. I didn't experience any significant pip in my deltoids, and there was zero pip in my glutes and quads.

Product Quality: Low PIP and Good Feeling
I ran 1cc of PEC prop every other day for 30 days, and it worked well for me. After running long cycles of long esters, tightening with prop is better for my recovery, both physically and mentally. The prop gives me a good feeling of well-being. After about a week of my last shot of cypionate, I started the prop. It helped me maintain my libido, strength, and size leading into PCT.
I didn't experience any negative side effects while using PEC prop, and the infusions every other day were great. It would be a nice starting point for a cycle. I've used PEC prop several times, and it has always been great quality.
Overall, I am happy with my experience using PEC prop and would recommend it to others looking for a quality product.

Texasswoletrain - 12 August 2023 16:06

Dragon Pharma Test Cyp - Potential Fake Product Received
I didn't have any issues with communication with Osgear when ordering my 2X Dragon Pharma Test Cyp.
Unfortunately, it took about a month for my package to arrive.
Product Packaging:
The packaging was discreet, which I appreciate.
However, I'm concerned that the vial labels were stained with oil and not the same as other Dragon Pharma Test Cyp products I've ordered from other providers. It seems like Osgear may have sent me a fake or counterfeit product.
Product Quality: After using the product for a month and a half, I haven't seen any effects. It seems like bunk gear to me, and I cannot recommend it.

johnny1 - 12 August 2023 16:07


The operating system has consistently communicated in a convenient way
Correspondence is acceptable
Backing has made a difference
Delivery and Packaging:

T/An was near 3 weeks to my entryway for this order
Products arrived within the third week
Packaging was good and the product arrived without damage

3x sustaviron-250 BM with 10 amps in each blister pack
Quality of the product was decent
Used 750mg weekly and felt it started to kick in around week 2 or 3
Product qulaity

Overall, I was content with the product
Items ordered consistently filled in true to form
No major issues were encountered

JoeMass27 - 12 August 2023 16:07

Product Quality:

Review of Dragon Pharma Enantat 250
Expectations met: Properly dosed test
Ethyl oleate concentration and injection site irritation
Side effects: Increased acne, increased libido

Easy and quick communication
Great customer service: Satisfied with communication

Discreet packaging and no damage: Satisfied with delivery
Fast delivery time: Received package within 10 days in EU
Overall Experience:

Positive review: Great product and customer service
Recommendations: Take labs to monitor health before and after use

ziabungle - 12 August 2023 16:08

I recently ran a cycle of Testovorin Stop 250 at just 250mg per week and was amazed at the results. When I took my labs with my doctor, he couldn't believe that I was off the chart. Although I'm not sure if there's a better test out there, I'm still happy since I'm only cruising now.
The communication with the vendor was always quick. It has vert reliable Customer Support.
I received the package in the US in about a week and a half, which is a reasonable delivery time.
Affordable Steroid Cycle Option Taking Lab Tests for Safe Use
Overall experience:
Testovorin Stop 250 was my choice, and I ran it for ten weeks, taking labs and was satisfied with the results. I plan on using it again in the future.
Product quality:
The product quality was excellent. It is always important to take labs before and after using steroids to ensure that you are still healthy, and I shared my usage with my doctor. Testovorin Stop 250 is a reliable and affordable steroid cycle option that I highly recommend.

nilslissy - 12 August 2023 16:09

I have had multiple successful orders from OSGEAR, and I must say that their email support is top-notch.
Quick response:
They responded to my inquiries within just six hours.
All of my orders were delivered discreetly and securely to my postbox. It took just 14 days to reached it to me.
Products ordered:
I ordered Genshi Labs Test E, Alpha Test E, and Genshi Arimidex. The Alpha Pharma Test E was of extremely high quality, and I felt the effects after just three weeks of using it at 500mg/week. The vials' codes were genuine, as verified on the Alpha Pharma website. The Genshi Arimidex also did its job well.
Product Quality: The nature of the Alpha Pharma Test E was exceptional, and I experienced an insane pump after using it for three weeks. The vials' codes were genuine, and the Genshi Arimidex was effective in carrying out its job.
Pricing: OSGEAR offers the cheapest genuine steroid products online, and their delivery is always prompt.
I highly RECOMMEND this seller.

sayanbroly - 12 August 2023 16:10

In May, I audited my first request with Unique Pharma, which included pharma pct and auxiliaries. Here's what I have to say about my experience.
Professionalism and Responsiveness:
I had no complaints about Unique Pharma's professionalism and responsiveness. The seller always responded within a few hours and was always professional and helpful, making the buying process easy and straightforward.
Quick Delivery:
I was initially worried about the T/An, but Unique Pharma's delivery time was impressive. I received my order in under two weeks, which is fantastic for an international source.
Product Quality:
I used 90 tabs of Nolva, 60 tabs of HCG, 120 tabs of Proviron, and 30 tabs of Aromasin. All the products came in original packaging and were of high quality. Aromasin effectively controlled my water retention, and the PCT was easy. I only lost 3lbs of water, and I feel great.
Affordable Prices:
It offers affordable prices, and the support they provide is excellent. The seller regularly offers promotions, making it a great choice for those looking to save money.
Overall experience:
Overall, I had a positive experience with Unique Pharma. I highly recommend this seller to anyone in need of pharma products.


bmurphr1 - 12 August 2023 16:11

In this review, I will be sharing my personal experience with Oxydine Testosterone Cypionate.
Product ordered:
I ordered a few vials of Oxydine Test. cypionate 250mg 10mL vials and one Gen-Shi 500mg/2mL vial from Operating System, which is now my go-to source for testosterone.
Ordering Process:
The communication with Operating System was fantastic, and they were very professional and courteous. I did make a minor mistake with my order, but they quickly resolved the issue and shipped my package within two business days.
The packaging was discrete and sufficient for shipping glass vials worldwide.
Effectiveness of Oxydine Testosterone Cypionate:
I have been on Oxydine for 5 and a half months now, injecting 125mg per week. The Oxydine has been incredible, with no PIP to talk about, easier to bring into the pin than even the T. cyp. that I get from my local drug store, and I can feel the effects each time I inject.
Lab Results: As you can see from my labs (all done by LabCorp), I started at a 185 ng/dl testosterone level before even starting on TRT. With about a month and a half of Oxydine in my system, I now score a 1009 ng/dl. The difference between my pre-T levels and what I am currently at is astronomically different, and I could not be happier with the product.
Cost Comparison: I prefer using Oxydine Test over the Sun Pharma T. cyp that I got from Walgreens because even with insurance, it's still cheaper to buy my gear through Operating System.
RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend Oxydine Testosterone Cypionate to anyone who is considering using TRT. I am even willing to try other brands of testosterone that Operating System stocks and post bloods on them if people are interested.

frankcb - 12 August 2023 16:12

I recently ordered Genshi Anavar and Alphapharm Test Prop from a reliable source and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the products.
I must say that the communication with the seller was excellent. They were very quick and responsive.
Product Quality:
The products I received were definitely genuine and of the highest quality. I started running the Test Prop with some extra Tren Pro I had, 75mg prop 50mg eod. I added 50mg of Anavar 2 weeks in, split into 30am/20pm doses. I ran this cycle before my wedding and I must say, I was very pleased with the results.
Product Benefits:
I ran the Test Prop for 12 weeks at 50mg eod with some Tren I had left over from a previous order. I also took Anavar 50mg ED for 10 weeks. When I added the Anavar, I started to really lean out and saw significant increases in strength and definition. I was 156 with double-digit bf at the beginning and by week 10, I had reached 175 with single-digit bf.
Packaging and Pricing:
The packaging was good and discreet. In terms of pricing, the seller always has some great deals and promotions running, which makes it even more affordable to buy from them.
I highly recommend the Genshi Anavar and Alphapharm Test Prop from this seller. The products are genuine and of the highest quality, and the communication and packaging are top-notch. Whether you are a seasoned bodybuilder or just starting out, this seller has everything you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Jeff1983 - 12 August 2023 16:13

The seller is one of the best I have ever dealt with. They were extremely watchful and responded promptly to all of my inquiries.
Product Quality:
After going through a long and ruthless cycle without HCG, I was initially hesitant to try it out. However, the results were wonderful and gave me a feeling of well-being. I started off with accutane x 5hcgx 12 and eventually worked my way up to 1500iu eod before taking chlomid and nolvadex.
Product Benefits:
The product was incredible. Not only do I feel more full, happy, and positive, but I also feel more sexually driven and physically stronger. I must say that I have never experienced such an incredible sense of well-being before.
In conclusion, I would like to say that the seller is a true hero and a heel deal. Their product is of the highest quality and their commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. If you are looking for a reliable source of HCG, I would highly recommend this seller.

Wilderness-Sky - 12 August 2023 16:13

I have ordered 3x from operating system and am exceptionally satisfied with their administration, items, and shipping. I get my items discretely, non harmed, and time period is around 15-30days relying upon shipping speed. They are quick to react to any inquiries you have, have item specials, and appear to be one of only a handful few genuine organizations out there. They offer numerous approaches to pay for your things which is helpful what's more, have some incredible purchase 3 get 1 free arrangements from numerous providers. I would profoundly recommend ordering from operating system for any of your enhancement needs.

Top score. Operating system hit me up inside 24hrs responding to any inquiries I had. They dont communicate in English well yet they are as yet ready to address any inquiries.

Package was discrete and very much tapped.


The man-made intelligence and Test (C) was genuine as I got blood work done and had the indications of good test. I'm on HRT(250weekly) however, do impacts now and again (500 week after week) as I'm generally into high-intensity games and lifting. I felt solid on the T, generally speaking state of mind was improved, charisma was incredible, and no PIP. DP simulated intelligence helped keep my estrogen levels where they should be despite the fact that I am delicate to T. ( I need more simulated intelligence since my body is delicate to T).

I have been utilizing DP for 6months now and am extremely satisfied with the outcomes. I will be attempting a greater amount of their items to perceive how I like them.

I feel if an organization like DP has been around for a long time then their items are genuine and dosed accurately in any case providers would not be hefting them around for long. Obviously blood work is critical and my outcomes were positive.

As with any enhancement, ensuring your nourishment and preparing is on point is significant. Simply taking T or Dbol and so forth with awful preparing and nourishment wont make you arrive at your objectives. To numerous individuals fail to remember that.

miggymig - 12 August 2023 16:14

Had got a decent measure of Sust Amps in a promotion. Had been utilizing them as TRT.

Quick very little required ordered and got the information straight forward. Pretty quick post is what it is yet can tell the got it out quick.

Ordered Sustanon 250mg.

Used for TRT I regularly run .75mg every week from the Dr office to feel a similar I concede I needed to utilize nearer to 125mg every week however, not awful when contrasted with US Drug grade.

Good strong source quality can be believed not more you can request

professerX - 12 August 2023 16:14

This reveiw is for mythical beast anavar that I utilized at the tail end of my last cycle . I need to say I was extremely dazzled with this item espescially subsequent to utilizing hefty brutal mixtures sdrol, anadrol, tren e and sust all through my multi week run. Ibwas thinking the var would take care of evaporate and solidify my benefits just as hold strength from comin off tren. It did exactly that. Ran it at 60 mg daily for a session 4 tob5 weeks. Additionally saw I was shedding pounds about 1.5 lbs a week on it and abs appear to begin showing increasingly more every week. My spouse got my arm one night whike we were in a restarant ealking to our table and resembled for what reason is your arm so damn hard! Are u flexing?i was totally loose. Everything felt more diligently even on non exercise days. So I do accept there is to some degree a fatloss effect with var.

Order was refreshed at every turn also, trackervwas givin. The principal pack never appeared and they made great on there reship strategy and reshipped at any rate.

Ta time was around 3 weeks from when the reship was conveyed. Shown up flawless and stuffed tight.no broken tabs.

Anavar mythical beast pharma 10mg tabs,

I utilized anavar from an alternate lab previously however needed to run it at 80mg to 100mg per day to feel what I got off of 50 to 60 from mythical beast. The most recent couple of days of my run I even ran a few days preworkout and still got solid siphons that hurt! What's more, one day took 30mg in the am prior to going to work hanging drywall ( 5/8) if u dont know 5/8 is thr thick hefty sheets. Obviously back siphons had me disabled after around 45 min of working.

Great gear. Mythical serpent is by all accounts on point the whole way across the board.

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